Tuesday, May 5, 2009

True Love

Guys and Stars

I believe every girl have their own crush. Perhaps, you already have one. If you already find your hearts don’t let it go. Try to be the best girl friend ever. You’re beautiful, you got style, you’re mature, you’re got brain and most of all, and you got his heart! Listen to your heart. Don’t just flirt with just any guy, coz that’s what bitches always do. You’re different, you’re like a diamond with the label ‘you can see but you can’t touch!’ type of girls. You’re the girl that every guy would die for just to gain your attention. Don’t cheat on him if you don’t want to be cheated. Don’t lie to him if you don’t want him lie to you. Don’t ever let go your true love once you have it, because I’m afraid that there’s no second chance. Love from a guy who respects you, who put you as high as he can in his list, which will never doubt you, who gave all his trust to you, who trying so hard to not hurt you, are something that you should discover yourself. As I am, I already have him in my life and I couldn’t ask for more.